Xactimate User Certification Program Overview


If you are a professional working in the building and insurance repair industry, you understand how important it is to have an accurate repair estimate.

That’s why Xactware created the Xactimate user certification tests—to help ensure that those who use Xactimate are proficient and have the skills they need to accurately create an estimate.

If your goal is to become a Xactimate-certified user, passing the Xactware user certification tests place you in an elite group of Xactware users.

As a certified Xactimate user, you will:

  • Be among those considered the best in the industry.
  • Prove to an employer that you have a firm foundation in Xactimate fundamentals and can accurately write an estimate from start to finish.
  • Have your name listed in the Xactware User Certification Directory, helping you market your credentials and expand your business.
  • Receive certificate based on the level of certification completed that proves you successfully met the standards and qualifications Xactware has set to become certified.

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