The fast and easy solution for contents pack out and pack back.


What ContentsTrack does for you:

  • Collaboration

    Promotes customer involvement and satisfaction
    With ContentsTrack and ClaimXperience, your customers can have instant access to the status of their belongings—helping keep them involved and in the loop.

  • Double Entry

    Eliminates double entry
    ContentsTrack saves valuable time by eliminating double entry. You can capture information on the spot with your tablet and seamlessly include photos, notes, and voice recordings – then send that information to the online solution.

  • Chain of Custody

    Provides chain of custody
    ContentsTrack gives you real-time online contents tracking from pack out to pack back. And its barcode system enables a streamlined, organized control system for assessing and tracking contents.

  • Inventory Reports

    Provides accurate inventory reports
    With ContentsTrack you can provide your customers with detailed and accurate inventory reports. You can even include photos of items to document the condition of those items at the time of the pack-out.

  • Employees

    Allows many employees to work on the same job
    With ContentsTrack, multiple employees can work on the same job at the same time, dramatically speeding up the pack out.

  • Analytics

    Tracks your company’s productivity
    With ContentsTrack’s Analytics tool you can create reports that effectively measure your team’s productivity..

  • Documents Authorized

    Helps you get documents authorized on site
    ContentsTrack allows you to create authorization documents which can be signed by the customer on a mobile device at the work site – including name, date and a time stamp. You can also create customizable reports, with your logo, which can be emailed or printed.

  • Integration

    Integrates with Xactware products
    ContentsTrack integrates with XactContents and Xactimate so users can utilize Xactware’s replacement cost data. From XactAnalysis SP, users can send ContentsTrack requests to indicate work to be done.