Common Roofing Materials
Course 24

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The lesson begins with a discussion of asphalt-based shingles and membranes. The components of typical asphalt-based materials are reviewed. A detailed review of the parts of an asphalt-based shingle follows. Next, the lesson shows the manufacture of a typical asphalt shingle. This includes the material used as the shingle's mat, its saturation with asphalt, and the application of granules on the surface. Shingles are cut and packaged. Inspection of the shingle as it is manufactured is an important part of the process and the flaws inspectors look for are covered. Understanding flaws is important because on rare occasions flawed shingles make it to the roof. A common flaw is a heat blister, caused by excessive moisture in the mat. Heat blisters may pop when hit by hail. The lesson ends with a discussion of shingle fire rating.

Course 24: Common Roofing Materials

  • Chapter 1: Asphalt Based Roofing Materials 6:12 (20.6 MB)
  • Chapter 2: Composition Shingle Production 5:04 (17.7 MB)

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