Finish Hardware, HVAC, and Electrical
Course 46

About the course

One of the last tasks when completing a new home is installation of the finish hardware. Proper installation of hardware is covered in this lesson and covers typical bathroom hardware such as towel bars, toilet-paper holders, and soap dishes as well as general hardware installed on doors, closet doors, and cabinet doors. Includes the installation of closet doors, pocket doors, and closet organizers. HVAC is completed by installing diffusers, vent covers, thermostats, and sometimes baseboard or radiator covers. Also shown is the electrician installing light fixtures, outlets, switches, bathroom fan covers, track lights and so on. A discussion of light-fixture quality and techniques to use when estimating it is included.

Course 46: Finish Hardware, HVAC, and Electrical

  • Chapter 1: Finish Hardware 4:46 (7.8 MB)
  • Chapter 2: Finish HVAC and Electrical 3:35 (7.0 MB)

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