Online Training Center Training Courses

Xactimate Level 1 

The Xactimate Level 1 Training course was built by certified Xactimate users and is designed for people who are new to Xactimate, but even experienced users have found value in the course. Once you’re done with this course, you’ll understand how to use Xactimate to create an estimate that includes simple sketches and basic line items. You’ll also know how to share estimate reports and estimate files. The course includes video instruction mixed with hands-on labs and exercises.

  • Creating simple estimates
  • An overview of claim information
  • Price lists
  • Adding rooms and roofs
  • Sketch object properties and variables
  • Finding and adding line items.

Xactimate Level 2

The Xactimate Level 2 Training course was built by Xactimate certified users and is designed for people who are moderately new to Xactimate (and have completed the Level 1 course). We’ve found that people who’ve been using Xactimate for a while also benefit from this course. By the end of the course you’ll be highly proficient with Xactimate and be able to complete moderately complex estimates that include interior, roofing, and external elevation items. This is a hands-on course, blending videos with exercises and labs. Be ready to spend a lot of time in Xactimate, practicing useful features and functions. The course covers topics such as:

  • Moderately complex interior sketching (like stairs, multi-flight stairs, angled walls, multiple levels, and complex ceilings
  • Moderately complex roofing sketching (like multiple slopes, overbuilds, and dormers)
  • Moderately complex interior and exterior estimating (including topics like waste calculations, grouping folders, templates, and macros)
  • Modifying different report options

Xactimate Roof Estimating 

The Xactimate Roof Estimating course teaches a user how to estimate a roofing loss using Xactimate. This training is ideal for new or existing Xactimate users. The course utilizes video instruction, hands-on interaction, practice exercises, and assessments. Some of the topics covered in this 4-hour training include:

  • The 4-step estimating process
  • Roof sketch basics: extensions and overbuilds
  • Creating custom dormers and angled roofs
  • Creating complex roof shapes

Xactimate Mobile 

The Xactimate mobile Training course contains 4 hours of instruction necessary for a proficient Xactimate user to learn how to create an estimate in Xactimate mobile. This hands-on course contains video lessons, simulations, labs, and knowledge exams. Some of the topics covered in this training include:

  • working from the home screen
  • using SketchCam
  • sketching and adding line items in Xactimate mobile
  • adding photos, annotations, and reports


XactAnalysis Training teaches users all XactAnalysis processes, from creating and sending assignments, to reviewing losses, to adding users, contractors, and adjusters. It also trains users how to create and view activity and management reports, monitor live performance, and interpret industry trends, which helps them monitor data and catch errors. In addition, the course teaches users how to set up collaborations, organize contractors and adjusters into hierarchies, and set up program rules that can notify them when certain criteria are met.

ILX Construction Training 

Construction Basics, listed as ILX Construction Training in the Online Training Center, is training for the residential and light construction industries, taking students through the complete building process—from selecting a building lot all the way to the final inspection. Users can learn all aspects of residential construction at their own pace. This training can help to significantly reduce employee downtime, minimize costly on-the-job mistakes, and eliminate the need for costly off-site training courses.


XactContents Training Course is designed for Xactimate users to find replacement costs for nearly any residential contents item. Students will be taught XactContents features and shown how to utilize new features to increase estimating efficiency and accuracy.

Flood Claims

This course teaches students how to use the Flood Form Administration to complete the forms required by FEMA and many insurance companies.


This course shows claim representatives how to use ClaimXperience to collaborate with policyholders during the claims-handling process to improve cycle times and overall customer satisfaction.


This course walks you through using Benchmark weather reports and maps, covering hail, straightline wind, hurricane, and lightning perils.