Get the Facts about Xactimate Certified Trainers

Why choose an Xactimate Certified Trainer?

When making a financial investment in Xactimate or ClaimXperience training, you want to know that you are spending your money wisely and that the training you receive is the best in the industry. Those who hold the Xactimate or ClaimXperience Certified Trainer credential have proven they are the best in the industry. These individuals have gone through rigorous training and testing. Xactware has evaluated their skill level and training

practices to ensure Xactware users get the best training possible. Certified Trainers receive regular communication from Xactware and are well versed on the latest Xactimate and ClaimXperience updates. Certified Trainers use training curriculum created by Xactware to help users maximize their learning experience and prepare to become a certified Xactimate or ClaimXperience user.

What is the difference between User Certification and Trainer Certification?

When a company hires someone to write estimates, they want to know that they are hiring the best. Xactimate and ClaimXperience user certification independently verifies an individual’s Xactimate or ClaimXperience skill level. Those who become certified are considered the best in the industry. Xactimate certification tests an individual at three different proficiency levels.

Level 1 Xactimate User Certification signifies that the individual has a firm foundation of Xactimate fundamentals and can accurately write an estimate from start to finish. Level 2 Xactimate User Certification signifies that the individual has mastered the foundational skills and can utilize time-saving techniques to estimate larger jobs with a higher proficiency. Level 3 Xactimate User Certification signifies that the individual has full mastery of all tools and functions within Xactimate.

There is a common misconception that an individual who knows how to use Xactimate also knows how to train others in how to use Xactimate. This is comparable to assuming that all people who can swing a hammer are master builders.

Xactimate trainer certification verifies that a trainer not only knows how to use Xactimate but knows how to effectively train Xactimate users with differing skill levels. Xactimate Certified Trainers have proven that they can effectively deliver Xactimate training and create an optimal learning environment.

Beware of trainers who misrepresent their credentials.

Xactware wants all customers to have productive, high-quality training experiences. Some individuals who offer Xactimate training misrepresent their qualifications. Often they do not provide the high-quality training experience that customers expect. Individuals who advertise their Level 3 User Certification should be viewed only as proficient Xactimate users. Level 3 User Certification does not signify that an individual is qualified to deliver high-quality Xactimate Training. Look for the Xactimate Certified Trainer credential. Only Xactimate Certified Trainers have proven that they have the ability to provide the quality of training that Xactware expects.

How can I verify a trainer is an Xactimate or ClaimXperience Certified Trainer?

In general, Xactimate and ClaimXperience Certified Trainers will specify this credential within their training documentation and advertising. Customers can verify a trainer’s credentials by visiting Xactware’s Certified Trainer Directory.