Xactware User Certification Levels

Xactware currently offers three levels of user certification for Xactimate (separate from Trainer Certification) in order to independently verify a user’s product knowledge and proficiency. Each level of certification increases in difficulty and is considered a prerequisite for the next level. These certification levels include:

  1. Level 1 certification – Xactimate Fundamentals
    This level of certification verifies that a user has the foundational skills required to create an estimate from start to finish in Xactimate.
  2. Level 2 certification – Xactimate Proficiency (Power User)
    This level confirms that a user has mastered the foundational Xactimate concepts and can use more intermediate Xactimate practices to increase their productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.
  3. Level 3 certification – Xactimate Mastery (Subject Matter Expert)
    This level validates that the user has full mastery of the Xactimate estimating system and can be considered an Xactimate subject matter expert.

A mandatory part of user certification is completing a three-part program at each level that consists of:
1) a practical hands-on lab, where users must create an estimate based on a specific Sketch and scope scenario;
2) a practical exam where the user is asked questions pertaining to the estimate created in the practical lab; and
3) a knowledge exam that consists of multiple choice, true/false, and matching questions.